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“As a small business owner, we have had a long association with Angelo Coco as our personal and business accountant and adviser. Angelo is very approachable and easy to talk to and we value the advice he has given us. The service from the Family Business Support Team is always friendly, prompt and reliable and nothing is ever too much trouble. We would have no qualms in recommending Angelo and his team to anyone requiring personal or business accounting and advice”

                                                   -Stuart and Terry Sams- Charters Towers Beds R Us


“I have worked with a client for 12 years who are a large family involved in the grazing industry. These clients have developed some succession planning issues, family issues, personal issues and financial issues over the past 3-4 years particularly. Each one of these problems were effecting other parts of their business, i.e. making them inefficient and also effecting their personal relationships with one another. Unfortunately their banker, accountant and I who all have close relationships to the client had little success in turning around these issues. It was hard because we were all close to them. They really required specialists and people that could devote the time to working through these exact issues and unravelling them then rebuilding.

It was about this time some 18 months ago that Angelo came to us and explained exactly what their business was all about. Since that time Angelo and his team have worked with these client on a hands on basis, over a period of several intensive days to begin with, to a point now where they have monthly meetings some face to face other via Skype. I have been invited to attend some of these meetings and these have been thought provoking, involving other specialists i.e. marketing specialists, DPI, Vets etc. They have pushed and prodded clients into areas that have made them think in different ways and sometimes outside of their comfort zone.

The clients have learnt a lot from the experience, along with setting in place a lot of processes and procedures. When the clients first came to Angelo and his team, there was a lot of family friction and this had distracted them from the direction of the business. As a person close to this family and business, I can honestly say that there has been vast improvement in how they operate their business along with the family relationships.

FBS’s service is a unique offering in our market place, with no other business being dedicated to the range of services they offer designed to assist families in business. I thoroughly recommend their services to you.”

-Ashley Evans- AAA+ Financial Solutions


“I operated a furniture store in North Queensland. Some time ago, I decided to give my management team, the opportunity to improve their management skills and gain a greater understanding of how successful businesses operate.

I was fortunate to engage the services of Angelo, who ran a profit and growth strategic planning process course for our team.
This has been a great benefit to my management team.

During the process I found Angelo was:

  • Well prepared and organised

  • Had researched our type of businesses

  • Always gave presentations of a high standard

  • Communicated in terms that my team understood

  • Took extra care to assist any team members who required additional help

  • Presented financial information and data in a format that the team was able to understand

  • Followed up any outstanding issues.

Angelo is very experienced and has a strong understanding of how business operates and the importance of planning. The feedback from my management team was very positive.”

-John Bradley Featuring La-Z-Boy Gallery