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Strategic & Succession Planning

Family Business Support  provides a large range of Strategic and Succession Planning services to maximise the long-term prosperity of your Business.

Our Strategic and Succession Planning team consists of highly qualified advisors, who can provide reliable, flexible and realistic advice based on their extensive knowledge.  We value our clients and aim to provide the highest quality service whilst also building long-term business relationships.

Strategic Planning:

We understand the life cycle of businesses and can develop a strategic plan to ensure your business succeeds.



Succession Planning:

We can help you and your family with the process of transitioning into retirement. Combining our knowledge with your goals, aspirations and current position, will ensure a smooth transition into a comfortable retirement.

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6 Business Growth Milestones Every Small Business Needs To Know To Avoid Hitting The Business Pitfalls


If your #1 desire is to gain a business plan, then I’ve got a strategic planning process and succession planning process milestone list here you need to learn about FAST.

The main idea with this list is: outline your business strategy and create your business strategy plan.

The most important thing to understand with this is to see a framework for your business going forward, however, without a strategy plan your business will hit pitfalls.

Milestone # 1 – Create A Strategy

List your objectives and mission statement

Analyse the current marketplace

Know your Strength, Weaknesses, Opportunities and Threats (SWOT analysis)


Milestone # 2 – Strategic Tactics

Know your key employees capabilities for new measured actions including career development

Review processes for improvements

Review customer interactions for improvements

Review financial processes for new measured actions

Create a Balanced Scorecard for your business


Milestone # 3 – Strategic Implementation

Implement and test new customer value propositions

Implement and test new marketing initiatives

Implement and test new business operations

Implement and test strategic management with senior leadership


Milestone # 4 – Review The Family Business

Define the business strategic objectives and long term goals

What is the size of the business

Understand the key positions of the business and current issues


Milestone # 5 – Business Planning

Is the existing business structure suitable

Document the business exit paths for effective succession planning

Know the important business Key Performance Indicators


Milestone # 6 – Scope Going Forward

Create a roadmap going forward to solve the issues

Agree to a staged implementation action plan including expected results

Prepare a quote for each stage


What is the bottom line? You should Contact us to start your custom strategy plan.

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