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“Pain in Business Life is Inevitable! Relief from Business Pain is always Optional! We’re Business Pain Relief Specialists.”

  • Achieve Higher Sales
  • Achieve Greater Profits
  • Achieve Greater Cashflow
  • Grow your business!
  • Family Business Support is a North Queensland consulting business that uses its local knowledge and more than 30 years of advisory experience to guide your business towards fulfilling your profit and growth goals.

    Family Business Support recognises the particular issues and challenges family businesses face and specialises in providing a holistic service from inception to expansion and succession in every industry from retail and commercial to defence, primary producers, aged care and corporate.

    Some of the areas we can assist with include:

    • Achieving work and life balance
    • The tug of war between family and business perspectives
    • Achieving your goals in your family and business
    • A smooth path to Succession

    By addressing these issues, families in business can achieve:

    • Stronger and happier families, both within the business and in the community
    • A move from principally working ‘in the business’ to instead become ‘working on the business’
    • Solid achievable goals around profit, growth and - in appropriate circumstances – succession.

    Family Business Support’s specialist areas include:

    Family Business Support’s strategic and succession processes are approved by Enterprise Connect and Jobs Assist. This means they can be partially government-funded if certain criterions are met. Please contact us to see if you qualify.

    The face of Family Business Support

    As the principal of FBS Angelo Coco has 30 years experience as a public accountant, consulting to prominent enterprises both locally and overseas to an extensive variety of business sectors and capacities.Read More


    John Bradley

    John Bradley Retravision

    During the process I found Angelo was:

    • Well prepared and organised
    • Had researched our type of businesses
    • Always gave presentations of a high standard
    • Communicated in terms that my team understood
    • Took extra care to assist any team members who required additional help
    • Presented financial information and data in a format that the team was able to understand
    • Followed up any outstanding issues.

    Angelo is very experienced and has a strong understanding of how business operates and the importance of planning. The feedback from my management team was very positive.
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    Terry Moore

    Townsville Office Furniture

    I found Angelo to be very passionate about the performance of businesses, particularly family businesses. He has a wealth of knowledge which he is eager to pass on in a development program which can be implemented easily by very busy operators.
    Read More

    Letitia Matsen

    Blair Signs, Mackay

    “I found the strategic workshop to be informative and helped us to move forward in our planning for the future. I loved the detail that went into the workshop and how flexible you guys are during the workshop - personal service!”

    Family Business Support is in the process of establishing a sub-branch of Family Business Australia, in North Queensland.

    The aim is to create Family Business Australia North Queensland sub-branches in Townsville and Cairns and bring greater exposure to local family businesses and their specialist needs.

    Please contact us to register your interest in the group.

    Tackling challenges facing family firms

    OUR family businesses are very successful. One only needs to look at the wealth generated by some of the city’s leading businesspeople to attest to that. But what they are not so good at is dealing with the emotions that come with combining family with business. Read the full story as published by The Townsville Bulletin, 8 Sept 2010


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